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I heard it on the radio

Driving the car on my own was the only time I would get to listen to the radio, hear the music that I loved and the familiar voice of the radio presenter discussing a wide range of different topic’s during their slot on the radio. On this day I got delayed which resulted in not being able to listen to the first half of the topic being discussed on the programme. The radio presenter asked everyone listening to the programme a question which surprised me because they didn’t usually do this. What came from asking this question surprised me even more.

Name 10 reasons to stay in your intimate relationship?

Right on cue music was played to give all the listeners a 2 minute interval to reflect on this. Thinking of my 10 reasons before the radio presenter came swiftly back on air to continue with the topic of discussion. All I could think of was-the garden. Watering the flowers, weeding the borders and mowing the lawn twice a week. Back on air the radio presenter asked for you to think of your 10 reasons and to remove any that are related to your home, children and pets. And what do you have remaining-I had nothing. Every day I would go to work and return back to the perpetrator.

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Why don’t you leave ?

Perpetrators will go to great lengths to prevent you from leaving. What they do they build four walls around you, they start off low and gradually become higher and higher to the point you look up and can barely see the light of day. And the space around you becomes increasingly smaller and smaller there is no room to move they have you where they want you confined and trapped. Hidden from the outside world so no one can hear your cries, witness the impact of the internal / external scars you have. Escaping these walls is incredibly hard. No one asks to be emotionally, psychologically, sexually, physically or economically / financially abused.

” No reason to stay is a good reason to go” – Stella Eden

If you are experiencing abuse or know someone who is experiencing abuse and needs help and support in England  24 hr National Domestic Violence Help line t-0808 2000 247

Immediate danger dial 999 ask for the POLICE.

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  1. What a great quote Miss Stella and I love the way you help others by giving extremely valuable information and support 💕💜💕 You are an angel 😇

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