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Spotlight on…Poet,The Three Graces.

Delighted to be featuring Spotlight on… Poet, The three Graces

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The three graces…Courage with compassion

A few years ago I first met poet The three graces and I knew instantly we would become great friends. Entering one of historic buildings in London I touched the wall. I have always done this, I guess I do this to connect with the history of the building. The three graces smiled and laughed saying they thought they were the only one that did this. The three graces is courageous person who inspires me greatly- it is such an honour they are here at Stella’s Open Road Trip. I am excited about shining a spotlight on….The three graces. Together let us warmly welcome them into the light.

What brought you to writing poetry?

Singing as a child on my own, to my baby brother, it was so automatic. I’d make up songs, poems to sing along too. It’s only now in my 40s that I can sense that not everyone was doing this, finding words to sing with.

I’ve always drawn and written since I was a little child, and then many times I moved throughout childhood, things got destroyed. This meant as an adult it took me a long time to start writing and drawing once more. Drawing and painting was not allowed in my culture, women are held back from creative pursuits. However, I now draw and tell myself to do as much as I choose to. Doing a drawing or writing is simply a time for me. It’s more than a step back to the little girl I was, it’s step forward to who I truly am, I am creative (we all are) and now I sit and allow myself to note, to draw…I have slowly begun sharing my poems and will begin to share my other works. Small steps…

What is the one thing you have always wanted to try?

Synchronized swimming, yes, with music and that bliss of water dancing. Or cheerleading. Drumming too, that loud Brazilian drumming….

One day time freezes for every one accept you-what would you do ?

I’d run around swapping people and things around, so that a negative politician is placed cuddling a homeless person, diamond rings glisten on a toddlers shoes in a busy council estate as s/he is getting ready to run, a group of people moved from a greasy spoon café huddle closely to a group of Hare Krishna devotees, the Queen finds herself sitting in a job centre plus waiting room with no clothes on. I’d like to change things around , so when time restarts people will find themselves in a different position, for some a chance to change, and for others to simply see a different perspective and maybe even begin to see who they truly are.

What would be your spirit animal?

I’ve had dreams of frogs, parrots, horses, squirrels, monkeys and little field mice. However, the animals I feel closest are a red robin or a blackbird.

If you won the lottery what would you do?

Pay off my debts, buy a home in London and return to London, pay for my daughters schooling till university. Buy a forest with a retreat centre, and offer domestic violence survivors, asylum seekers, victims of torture especially children respite care of months, up to a year. To attend they must be willing to learn to listen to themselves, to meditate and allow nature to heal. I would ensure that they have all that they need (retraining, education, health care, food, therapies etc) in a different landscape. The money would go quickly, but I’d hope in that in that time the retreat centre and forest would heal enough people, that they would sponsor one person to attend too, like a friend to friend, letting their healing support another. The landscape benefits from growing and being saved for eternity in a legal trust document/format that allows no development on it.

Quick fire questions.

Tv or radio ?

Radio (well podcasts, you tube interviews etc)

Hot Chocolate or coffee?


Pizza or Tacos?

Pizza (thin crust, margherita)

Gloves or mittens?


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Many thanks to The Three Graces- much love and light.

Thank you for reading.

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