(Virtual) Afternoon Tea at the Sofa..hosted by Stella Eden.

If you have been affected by Domestic Abuse you know how isolating it feels. With the current situation of Covid-19 self distancing and isolation we can feel further isolated.

Every Friday at 3pm I am hosting via zoom (virtual) Afternoon tea at the Sofa ( a women only space-for women affected by domestic abuse) For 40 minutes we will be able to see each other for a chat and have a cup of tea/coffee and eat cakes from the comfort of our own home. It will be a great opportunity to connect and support each other.

Studies have shown the benefits of talking can be:

  • healing
  • reduces stress
  • strengthening our immune system

(Pennebaker, Kiecolt-Glaser + Glaser 1988)

In addition to making new connections at Afternoon tea at the Sofa there will be occassional guest speakers who will be invited to share useful tips to help support.

“Nothing can dim the light which shines within”

Maya Angelou

To join Afternoon tea at the Sofa- click on the menu box and click on contact to email to join. An invitation will be sent to you- the zoom app is available via the App Store and it is free to register.

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Stella is an author,speaker and the founder of Stella’s Open Road Trip & events-helping women affected by domestic abuse to reclaim their power- their inner self. After 18 years of emotional, psychological, physical and economic abuse she found the strength and courage to leave. Stella made a promise to herself that her life had to be better. And with this in her mind she set upon achieving her dream in creating the life she had always imagined. Stella was motivated by the one word she wrote on a piece of paper, this was the start of an incredible new beginning for Stella. It brought many challenges but it also showed her many things she didn’t think she was ever capable of doing and brought her to the place she always knew where she was meant to be – her true self. Stella is passionate about self discovery and transformation. Her journey brought her to writing, speaking at events & women's support groups and forming Stella’s open road trip & events. Stella discusses what helped her at Stella’s Open Road Trip– inspired to grow, positive vibes, and falling in love in life. Stella’s Open Road Trip is an epic journey- come & join the journey.

2 thoughts on “(Virtual) Afternoon Tea at the Sofa..hosted by Stella Eden.

  1. What a fantastic initiative during this time Miss Stella! I really enjoyed the session I attended and I will be coming back for more soon! What a nice group! 🙂

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