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Spotlight on…Laura Riley Ceo & Founder of Mums In Need.


Delighted to be shining a spotlight on Laura Riley.

It all started in 2013. A mother of a small child not only wanted a better life for herself and her child, but she also wanted others who had experienced the same as her to have a better life too. Whilst rebuilding her own life from the devastating impact of emotional, psychological and financial abuse, this remarkable woman’s passion to help others moved her to open her laptop and create her own charity from her sofa. This remarkable woman is Laura Riley.

Laura’s charity, Mums In Need, is based in Sheffield and has supported over 200 women. Mums In Need provides a unique support for mums experiencing on going emotional and psychological abuse after separation. Mums In Need works together with a community of fellow survivors and experienced professionals to provide help to mums to become more confident and support to help rebuild their lives.


What brought you to opening your own charity- Mums In Need ?

I set up ‘Mums In Need” because there wasn’t a specific support available to help mums who have left an abusive relationship.

What is the one thing you have always wanted to try?

Scuba diving-When I think about it I think of fear/terror and this I would like to overcome. I do enjoy swmming in the sea. I probably would not want to scuba dive in the UK because the sea is too cold so probably somewhere warmer.

One day time freezes for everyone except you-what would you do?

I would hypnotize all the selfish and unkind people into being thoughtful and kind and helping others.


Imagine living on a desert island and you can only take with you 3 items. What would you take with you and why?

1-A book to read as this would keep me occupied- I am not sure which book I would take with me to read it would help to keep me focused.

2-A note pad-for any ideas I have about doing things for Mums In Need (MIN) I always carry with me a note pad- I have one in my bag and one at the side of my bed.

3-Water- to drink for when I get thirsty.


If you won the lottery what would you do?

I would use the money to pay off my mums debt and use the rest to ensure that Mums In Need can be sustainable.

Quick fire questions

Cycle or Scooter


Pizza or Tacos


Chocolate cake or Lemon drizzle cake

Chocolate cake

City or Countryside



Many thanks to Laura Riley- much love and light from Stella’s Open Road Trip.


If you would like to contact Mums In Need to help or support them please find their links attaached below.

Note- photo supplied and consent to use given by Laura Riley at mumsinneed.

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