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Spotlight on…Fiona Austin

Delighted to be shining a light on Body, mind connecting and coach Fiona Austin.

Fiona’s career has gone from journalism and now through to helping us to reconnect to ourselves to nature and helping us to develop skills on how to thrive in a screen filled world.

“The skills of listening and a hearing a person’s story are important in both worlds”

Fiona Austin

What is BMCC about ?

I set up BMCC initially to be a collective of Body and Mind practitioners.  But that was 20 years ago!  As time went on I realised that it’s impossible to treat the individual and their mind separately.  So the initial name changed from being about a collective of therapists to being more about about how we as individuals are – completely.

For instance my specialisation is anxiety and this we all know is very much felt in the body.  Anxiety is our biology trying to deliver an emotional message.  Alas this message is up against such a challenge of delivery in our modern world. We’re taught to shove feelings away and get on with it. Or doctors give us medications and anti-depressants to kill the message, the feeling.  It can be so hard to know ourselves, to really get in touch with what we need to feel in a healthy way.  We’re living in a distracted world, so we’re not listening to our inner wisdom.  To the message that our feelings need to be heard.  

So now BMCC is about recognition of the whole of one person and their feelings, their wellbeing and what is needed to make you feel complete. Coaching, counselling, health optimisation techniques and most importantly listening.

Who or what inspires you and why ?

Everyday I’m inspired by someone new. I’ve got that monkey mind that jumps from realisation to realisation. There’s times that beside my bed looks like a library on strike, books everywhere waiting to be shelved.
So it’s books that inspire, but a close second are podcasts. I go to sleep and wake up listening to new perspectives and insights. Can’t get enough of them. There’ll never be enough time for me to hear all the one’s I’ve book marked. So much knowledge, so little time!

What is the one thing you have always wanted to try ?

Sourdough bread .. not to eat it, to make it. I’m pretty fanatical about health optimisation. Which is a type of preventative health – ideally I’d not eat any bread, but no one elected me a saint so sourdough it is.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

Well my family. If they weren’t there to annoy and challenge me I’d find drinking Pina Colada’s on a paradise beach less of a reward!! But family and dog aside .. I think, like everyone my phone is hard to live without. It’s a love hate. To the point that I even run a programme called Living in Harmony with Tech. Which is how to be healthy in a modern world. I’d like to think I’m achieving it.

If you won the lottery what would you do ?

Obviously all the charities and bills aside, I’d use it to live more healthy. About 10 years ago, I scooped up my children and lived the dream in a little white washed town at the end of Europe. Big empty beaches, sunshine and joy. I went because life had dumped a lot of crap on my lap. I thought ‘you can cry here in the rain, or go to the sun’. So off we trotted. A few years I came back and have since been teaching people to live their best life, even if it’s from their living room chair.

Quick fire questions

Quavers Or Quinoa


City Or Countryside

Countryside by the sea

TV or Radio


Cappuccino Or Americano

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Many thanks to Fiona much love and light from Stella’s open road trip.

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