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Stella’s Open Road Trip is an epic journey of self discovery and transformation. Founder of Stella’s Open Road Trip- Stella Eden a survivor of Domestic Abuse.

After 18 years of emotional, psychological, physical and economic abuse, Stella found the strength and courage to leave and made a promise to herself that her life had to be better. And with this in her mind Stella set upon achieving her dream in creating the life she had always imagined. Stella was motivated by the one word she wrote on a piece of paper, this was the start of an incredible new beginning for Stella.

Stella has spoken at Westminster in London UK about her experience and continues to speak at events and women’s support groups. Her autobiography “The Right To Be Me” was published in March 2017

Stella discusses what helped her on Stella’s Open Road Trip & events– inspired to grow, using positive vibes, self care, self love and in love with life. Stella’s Open Road Trip is open to anyone- come and join the journey.

“Together we inspire, empower and we grow”

Stella Eden

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