Spotlight on…Min Grob

Delighted to be shining a light on Min Grob founder of CCChat magazine. Min is a campaigner raising awareness of coercive control, following her own lived-experience and is the founder of CCChat Magazine- a free online magazine on and around coercive control. She started organising conferences in 2015, started the magazine in 2017 and alsoContinue reading “Spotlight on…Min Grob”

Launching the journal everyone needs-Stella’s open road trip journal.

I am so excited to be sharing with you the launch of Stella’s open road trip journal. Creating this journal I have loved doing this- it brings me joy to be finally holding it in my hands and being able to share this with you. This is a reflective journal- it is very colourful totallyContinue reading “Launching the journal everyone needs-Stella’s open road trip journal.”

You don’t need to focus on the whole staircase- just the first step.

The thought of making changes felt overwhelming-I wanted to make changes to feel better but where do I start in making these changes. Part of me was desperate and longing for change, but another part of me was terrified of change it felt like entering into an unknown world and that unknown world I amContinue reading “You don’t need to focus on the whole staircase- just the first step.”

Who am I?

At 36 I stood looking at the reflection of myself in the mirror. I had a noticeable circular bald patch at the right side of my head, my eyebrows barely hanging in there my eyelashes had all but gone. My pale complexion even paler highlighted the darkness beneath my eyes. Staring back at myself IContinue reading “Who am I?”

Associates of Stella’s Open Road Trip

Associates of Stella’s open road trip- are therapists who share their experience discussing the benefits of therapy in the field they practice and sharing how it can help towards our well-being as guest speakers at Stella’s open road trip talks. Having a network of support around us is important, often it is not knowing whereContinue reading “Associates of Stella’s Open Road Trip”

Spotlight on…Fiona Austin

Delighted to be shining a light on Body, mind connecting and coach Fiona Austin. Fiona’s career has gone from journalism and now through to helping us to reconnect to ourselves to nature and helping us to develop skills on how to thrive in a screen filled world. “The skills of listening and a hearing aContinue reading “Spotlight on…Fiona Austin”

Spotlight on…Author Jennifer Green

Delighted to be shining a spotlight on Author Jennifer Green. Jennifer is a registered nurse, life coach, blogger and author. In May 2017 Jennifer’s book was published “Winning while losing: the upside of heartbreak” Reading Miss Jen’s story I immediately connected- her courage throughout her story and how she coped is truly inspiring. “Heartbreak canContinue reading “Spotlight on…Author Jennifer Green”

Triggered by social distancing & isolation during Covid-19

Everyone at some point will have experienced fear. Fear of failing to achieve something you have dreamt of doing. Fear of not speaking out about something you are passionate about. Fear of not asking your manager for a pay increase or that long awaited promotion you have been working hard towards. Fear of the unknown,Continue reading “Triggered by social distancing & isolation during Covid-19”

Spotlight on…Laura Riley Ceo & Founder of Mums In Need.

  Delighted to be shining a spotlight on Laura Riley. It all started in 2013. A mother of a small child not only wanted a better life for herself and her child, but she also wanted others who had experienced the same as her to have a better life too. Whilst rebuilding her own lifeContinue reading “Spotlight on…Laura Riley Ceo & Founder of Mums In Need.”

(Virtual) Afternoon Tea at the Sofa..hosted by Stella Eden.

If you have been affected by Domestic Abuse you know how isolating it feels. With the current situation of Covid-19 self distancing and isolation we can feel further isolated. Every Friday at 3pm I am hosting via zoom (virtual) Afternoon tea at the Sofa ( a women only space-for women affected by domestic abuse) ForContinue reading “(Virtual) Afternoon Tea at the Sofa..hosted by Stella Eden.”

Spotlight on…Poet,The Three Graces.

Delighted to be featuring Spotlight on… Poet, The three Graces The three graces…Courage with compassion A few years ago I first met poet The three graces and I knew instantly we would become great friends. Entering one of historic buildings in London I touched the wall. I have always done this, I guess I doContinue reading “Spotlight on…Poet,The Three Graces.”