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Stella’s Open Road Journal

Stella’s open road journal

by Stella Eden

This journal is funky, colourful and totally interactive. You can write on the pictures-your ideas, what you need to do, planning adventures, making to do lists and absolutely anything else you may want to write, draw and stick in. Be as creative as you want to.

In the centre of the journal you will find your own mountain waiting for you to climb,which will help you plot your progress along your amazing journal journey. And with each step you take you are getting closer to your goal. There are positive quotes and pictures to help and inspire you.

Thank you for joining Stella’s open road trip.

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The Right To Be Me

The Right To Be Me

by Stella Eden

Stella’s life didn’t get off to a great start but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. After 18 years of emotional, psychological, physical and economic abuse she found the courage to leave - her autobiography was published in 2017.

Buy now £7.99 + £3.20 postage via PayPal (paperback)

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